Mid-Atlantic Region of the   
Free Methodist Church of North America   


The Vision of the Mid-Atlantic Region

             The Mid-Atlantic Region of the Free Methodist Church is composed of two cooperating conferences, the Maryland Virginia Conference and the New York Conference.  The geographical region of these two conferences includes parts of seven different states from Virginia to Connecticut , and includes a population of about 40 million people.           

The Free Methodist Vision

             The Board of Bishops of the Free Methodist Church have succinctly stated the vision of the church.  We desire to be: A healthy biblical community of holy people…multiplying disciples, leaders, groups, and churches.   

            Our vision path as a denomination, as articulated by the bishops is:  every church a healthy church with Spirit-filled leadership worming a plan to fulfill our Expected Outcomes.  

The Mid-Atlantic Region’s  Five Priorities of Ministry

            The vision of the Mid-Atlantic region churches is to develop the church of Jesus Christ in these healthy, biblical ways. We have stated this succinctly by saying that our passion is to have “More disciples, more like Christ, in more churches.” To do that our Mid-Atlantic District Leaders have developed a strategy based on the following five priorities of ministry.

I.                   Thriving Congregations – Based on the Great Commission

A.     Gathering the Lost

B.     Teaching them to obey everything Jesus commanded

C.     Working in the authority of Christ

D.     Working in the presence of Christ


II.                Rapid Multiplication of Congregations - Churches that plant churches

A.     Creating congregations that are centers of church multiplication

B.     Pray and plan for opportunities in new areas and among new people groups

C.     Resource planters on a regional level


III. Godly competent leadership – preparation to lead thriving congregations

A.     Developing Character

B.     Developing Ministry Skills

C.     Developing Relational Health

D.     Developing FMC Commitment


III.             Taking the Gospel to all nations – Creating healthy biblical multicultural community

A.     Raise up bi-cultural leaders

B.     Build networks among different people groups

C.     Create model multicultural churches

D.     Minister to the whole world


IV.              Extend Grace to all people in many ways

A.     Develop social ministries God leads us to, especially for the poor and the new örphans” of our society

B.     Use resource of multiple congregations to become a voice and force for righteousness in society

C.     Ally with other congregations of believers to impact our culture


Mid Atlantic Office
33 N. Philadephia Blvd
Aberdeen MD 21001

Mailing Address:
PO Box 96
Belcamp, MD 21017

(f): 410-297-8018

Dave Harvey

Al Sones
Assistant to the Superintendent

Diogenes Cezila
Communication Specialist

Kerrie McCluskey
Office Manager