Mid-Atlantic Region of the   
Free Methodist Church of North America   


Resources for Church Leaders

To have great tools for your ministry is not expensive and hard to obtain. Internet and generous ministries have made it easy and free. That is right! Free. Here is a list of ministries that give that give their resources to your ministry. The only thing you need is internet to download them.

ReelFM: http://reelfm.tv/ (Resources from FMC)

Inside North Point: http://www.insidenorthpoint.org

Elevation Church: http://resources.elevationchurch.org/

LifeChurch.tv has provided so much that they get a list:

http://open.lifechurch.tv/ (church resources)

http://www.churchmetrics.com/ (church statistics tracking)

http://www.youversion.com/ - (online Bible w/journal)

http://swerve.lifechurch.tv/2009/09/01/youversionlive/ (YouVersion Live coming in Oct)

Video Teaching: http://www.videoteaching.com/ (free message videos for churches)

Translator: http://www.babelwith.me/ (group chat with translation for 45 languages)

Thank God for generous ministries that make available their resources.